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Wind forecast for Dahab

Happy Kite - is the biggest kitesurfing center in Egypt on Sinai Peninsular today. Our school is located less than 100 km from Sharm-el-Sheikh in town called Dahab. This town is quite rightly named mecca for wind and kite surfers coming from all around the world.

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Happy Kite Dahab

Kite surfing – is comparatively young sport within surfing, which quickly became popular among people seeking extreme water sport experience. If you gain knowledge about kitesurfing you won’t be bored in winter if you combine kite with snowboard or skies. You will have same pleasure from winter kiteboarding.

Kiting news

— 20.04.2014 —

finalizing the results of Happy Kite contest

We would like to start with finalizing the results of Happy Kite contest......
— 14.04.2014 —

Attention dear friends, it is only two days left until the Happy Kite Contest will be finalized!

Спешите! Супер-призы!! 16 апреля, в самом начале дня мы начнем подводить итоги и объявим победителя с самой забавной фотографией из серфовой жизни или даже видео. Количество голосов в качестве лайков в соц. сетях определит рейтинг участников....
— 01.04.2014 —

CONTEST from Happy Kite!

ATTENTION!!! Happy Kite announces the CONTEST for the best video or photograph that will make all the kiters smile or even laugh. The WINNER will be announced on the 15th of April and will get the PRIZE!! Read more here… ...
— 28.03.2014 —

Vetratoria/Happy Kite

Kitesurfing+windsurfing+ volleyball and much more......
— 18.03.2014 —

how to spend quality time in Dahab

Freediving, diving, wake, yoga, snorkeling , the Moses mountain, get away to the desert and oasis, colored and white canyons, day on the yacht, real rock-climbing, horseback or camel riding, sand boarding or you just can enjoy time on the beach of one of the most beautiful seas in the world !...
— 08.03.2014 —

Барышни, с праздником!

Барышни, с наступающим праздником! Будьте любимы, энергичны, женственны, если надо мужественны, пусть вашие хрупкие руки крепко держат планку, а кайты и мужские сердца всегда подчиняются вашей воле! С 8 марта!...
— 04.03.2014 —

Sunny greetings from Dahab!

Congratulations with beginning of the Spring! Although it is summer in Dahab, we have the spring mood...
— 26.02.2014 —

What do we do here apart from kitesurfing ?

We are frequently asked about what do we do here apart from kitesurfing and when there is no wind. To dispel the myth that there is nothing to do here, I'll tell you a bit about the interests of each of our happy kite family members. ...
— 24.02.2014 —

Russian Men's Day

But we congratulate not only Russians but all men-kiters ! ...
— 21.02.2014 —

We have been visited by a very cool pro-rider from Sweden Petter Svensson

we have been visited by a very cool pro-rider from Sweden Petter Svensson and we don't miss the chance to learn from him...


Our school Happy Kite offers newest and most modern kite surfing equipment. With us you can rent kites and boards of world recognized leaders of kite surfing equipment: RRDBEST.

Highly qualified kite - instructors will help you to get into this kitesurfing world in almost no time and fall in love with this sport as much as we love it. We teach in Russian, English, Polish and Italian languages.

Besides all, in our surf shop you can purchase new kiteboarding equipment of RRD brands price manufacturer. Before buying you can get advise of professionals and test equipment by riding on our spot “kite lagoon”. We also sell second-hand kites.

Every kitesurfer knows that it’s most important to have proper rest after good surfing session! In out Happy chill-out you will find all necessary to recover energy and be ready again to go on water. We offer comfortable accomodation just behind the Hapy Kite center

We look forward to welcoming you at our kite - center!